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Tips to Breathe Underwater

1. Build on stamina

Stamina is improved by proper body conditioning. This is important to last underwater for a longer time. The best way to build stamina is by doing exercises. Few exercise routines available to almost everyone are running and brisk walking. Sports such as soccer, basketball or tennis can accelerate endurance. Exercise maintains proper functioning of body organs and promotes healthy blood circulation.

2. Relax

It is easier to breathe longer underwater when you relax. Everything else will follow when you are confident that everything is under your control. Before swimming for shorter or longer distances, it is recommended to go in and out of the water. ‘Bobbing’ is the name given to this activity. It allows you to concentrate on your breathing and preparing you for a swim. Small breaths can be inhaled from the air above water and breathe everything out when you go underwater. Keep getting some air and this process should be repeated until you can control your breathing.

3. Avoid ‘apnea’

The time duration for which your breath is held underwater can be made lengthy by taking multiple exhalations greater than one can usually do. This lowers the level of carbon dioxide in the blood. Low carbon dioxide level may cause someone to stop breathing leading to a condition called ‘apnea’. This can cause you to pass out underwater. Having a companion will be better to make sure that you can be helped if such condition arises.

There are more ways of breathing underwater. Scuba diving requires breathing equipment for the diver where a tank containing compressed air paired with a mouthpiece allows air to flow freely from the tank to the lungs. Another way to breathing underwater is through snorkeling gear. This gear may only be used on water surfaces closer to the air above the water.

Underwater breathing is an important part of being skillful in swimming. It helps the swimmer to last longer in the water. The above mentioned underwater breathing tips will also help in building your lungs and muscles.